Since this morning, the whole internet has gone crazy for breading, the meme where you put your cat's (or dog's) face into a piece of cut-out bread, take a picture then post it on the internet. Unfortunately, a recent spate of media coverage makes it painfully clear that breading is over.

Breading was picked up by the Melbourne Herald Sun just a few minutes ago.

According to the Herald Sun

The trend is gaining popularity, thanks to a Facebook page with more than 10,000 likes, a post on blogging platform Tumblr and a stamp of approval from Gawker.

So if you have some time on your hands, grab your cat, hollow out some bread, say cheese and voila - you're officially hip.

Come on, Herald Sun, that is so three hours ago. Leave it to the media to pump up a stale meme for cheap pageviews.

Tomorrow Justin Bieber will probably tweet a picture of his cat breaded, and after that it's all over. Three days, tops, before breading features in a Fancy Feast commercial and is a gag in a Family Guy episode. Nothing of the true breading remains but fond memories, and the dozens of pictures in my inbox of people's pets with bread around their heads.

[Image of Boo Radley, by Matt Dennis]