Veronica Mars survivor Kristen Bell was on Dancing with the Degeneres this afternoon and shared a videotape of her first meeting with a sloth. She freaked the fuck out. Apparently she has loved sloths her whole life, and when her fiance, comedian Dax Shepard, went to introduce her to the hairy couch potato, she absolutely lost her shit.

Here's the thing: part of me loves Kristen Bell for telling the world about this and bringing the tape to Ellen and sharing what is an adorably embarrassing moment with the world. However, part of me hates her for being such a crazy, high-maintenance person that she can't even have a petting zoo installed in her house without needing a Klonopin. Dial it back a bit, Bell.

So, what do you think? Cute or awful? Put on your judging pants and pass your verdict below.