It's official, I am completely obsessed with openly gay socialite Peter Brant II and his (potentially gay) younger brother Harry. Screw Glee's Kurt Hummell, every gay teen on earth pretty much wishes they were either of these kids. They're just spectacularly amazing.

I want to write a young adult novel series based on these two called Gossip Gays about them being young and attractive and rich and just downright awesome as they flutter from St. Bart's to New York to Paris, attending all the best parties and sneaking champagne on the sly. (All lit agents out there, that is a serious pitch.) The pair are the progeny of billionaire Peter Brant Sr and supermodel Stephanie Seymour. They will one day potentially be worth worth billions on their own—if they don't spend all their money on clothes first.

We met Peter Brant II (he's way too luxe to be a "Jr") last year when pictures of him getting close to his mother on the beach surfaced. We instantly fell in love with him after he told everyone in the media they were "gross" for insinuating that he had an inappropriate relationship with his mother. At the time he described himself on his Facebook page as a "Designer, Art Collector, Socialite, and Model." He's a graduate of Greenwich High School where, I assume, his brother attends now.

Since then it seems like all he's been doing is jetting around to fashion shows with his 15-year-old brother Harry who isn't openly gay, but...well...would Stephanie Seymour have any sons who weren't gay and into fashion? If this interview in Paper magazine, which talks about Harry hosting a Fashion's Night Out party with brother Peter and fashion blogging wunderkind Tavi Gevinson, isn't enough to make you fall in love with him, check out the post he wrote for Fashionista today about his trip to the couture shows in Paris last week.

"I met the ultimate queen of glamour herself, Donatella Versace!" he writes, a sentence that no straight man could could capably muster. He goes on to talk about being seated at a dinner across from a Korean buyer and gets caught in a lie saying he spent a month in Korea last year. "At this point I knew I was skewered," he says when the buyer called him out for saying he was both in Paris and in Korea at the same time. "But attempting to salvage my dignity I said 'Oh yes, but its all very complicated,' as if the idea that I was traveling to two different places was just way too complicated for anyone to grasp. After about a five-minute silence she switched the topic to New York designers and then yachts."

Yes, only if you are Harry or Peter Brant II is your biggest problem lying at a Fashion Week dinner and having to talk about designers and yachts. What a charmed life they live: flitting from fashion show to interview, to party, to fashion show, taking breaks to post what would be obnoxious, horribly elitist observations on their joint Twitter account-if they weren't so damn adorable.

The great thing is that these two are even allowed to exist. As long as there have been rich people there have been their wastrel opffspring with their vain pursuits, access to luxury, and silly pronouncements. Look at Lydia Hearst. Little gay boys all over the world wanted to be her, because there was no rich gay boy into fashion living a fabulous life that would take them away from the sometimes painful and isolating life of being a normal gay teen anywhere else in America. This is like the gay male version of her, and they're just allowed to wear leopard print tops in public, hang out backstage at a Versace show, and wear the latest Dolce and Gabanna fashions like Little Lord Fauntleroy and his gay brother. And no one cares. No one calls them names or tears them down or tries to get them to change just until they get to college. They're just allowed to be The Brants, as if it is a brand that doesn't even know it is marketing itself.

This is progress, this is equality. Gay teens don't need Lydia Hearst anymore, because they have role models of their own. All Peter (II) and Harry have to do is keep being themselves, and keep being fabulous.

[Images via Billy Farrell Agency]