Thank you to everyone who's sent in a picture of your cat "breading"—i.e., his or her head inside a piece of bread. The meme that everyone's talking about is just starting to take off.

I guess I should first apologize to all the cats who had to go through this today. Hopefully they had some sense in their tiny brains of the good they were doing for the world, via the mirth they'd bring on all us miserable office workers. So, let's take a look:

This is Dexter in whole wheat bread. Thanks, Tracy:

This is Paolo. Thanks, Rebecca Neuren.

This is Fausto. He's in a tortilla because he lives in Panama City, Panama. Thanks, Alexandra.

This is Micah. He also lives in Panama City, Panama

This is Carlos. Thanks, Karl Turner

This is Zipper. Thanks, Tian Li.

We also got a breaded dog. This is Bernard. Thanks, Nathan Spooner

[Top image of Simon in Alsaka, thanks Kevin.]