For all of you who wonder what goes on behind the doors of the converted fire house where Anderson Cooper lives with his boyfriend, gay bar owner Benjamin Maisani, now we have a little insight. They throw really gay birthday parties.

Gatecrasher reports that Cooper hosted a birthday party for famous homosexual and card-carrying member of the gay-list Josh Wood, whose Josh Wood Productions throws a number of gay events and fundraisers in New York, including the infamous Pines Party in Fire Island. He does some work with straight people too, which would make his party perfect for Andy—not too gay, but still really, really gay. Josh is also a very nice (and very handsome) guy, so I don't fault anyone for wanting to throw him a big old party.

Josh threw himself a birthday party during his Sunday afternoon party at the Dream Hotel, but that was just open to the general public. Pshaw. That's not not nearly as fun as the insider shindig at the Coop's. Make the obligatory "fire house" and "pole" jokes in the comments.

[Images via Pacific Coast News]