After discovering that the Fear Factor episode in which they chugged mugs of donkey semen and urine had been canceled, twins Brynne and Claire Odioso called into Tampa radio's Cowhead Show to describe their harrowing ordeal. Shortly thereafter, Brynne told me by phone today, NBC-Universal told her to STFU.

"It smells. It's so bitter," Brynne said of the donkey semen to the Cowhead Show. "It's the sickest thing you can ever imagine. And it has a little hint of hay."

"What I ended up doing was vomiting in my glass, and just drank that. The cameramen were vomiting."

Reached by phone this afternoon, Brynne explained that she is "not allowed to say anything anymore. NBC called us saying we've already said too much." Noting that she and sister Claire signed confidentiality agreements, Brynne lamented, "It's definitely a disappointment, not being able to share [the episode] with our friends and family."

So you want your family to see you guzzling donkey dick juice?

"We're really disappointed," Brynne reiterated, then politely excused herself and hung up the phone.

We asked an NBC spokesperson to comment on the relative fairness of forcing a girl to chug donkey semen, then forbidding her from sharing that special moment with the world. "I'm checking on this," the spokesperson replied. We will update when we get a response.

[image via TMZ, audio via Cowhead Radio]