Last Friday, Murk Avenue's Donovan Strain changed the internet with a rigorously-researched theory: the "good day" of Ice Cube's 1993 classic "It Was a Good Day" took place on January 20, 1992. But did he get some facts wrong? Mike B. of Lahatiel enters the most important intellectual debate of the 21st century with a new hypothesis: Ice Cube's good day was November 30, 1988.

November 30, 1988 was one of the dates originally proposed by Strain, but dismissed because (Strain claims) beeper's weren't available at the time. But Mike B. says they were — and, combining that new knowledge with extensive and rigorous cross-checking against Cube's personal life and Fatburger's opening hours, stakes his reputation on 11/30/1988:

Cube started dated Kimberly Woodruff (his still-current wife) in the summer of ‘88, before any of the those final four dates. He's famous for having always been a loyal one-woman man, who always went home to Kim and his family rather than partying after shows, so we can assume he's talking about the same Kim. But the lyric in question goes: "I got a beep from Kim, and she can fuck all night," which comes after the mention that he'd been trying to fuck her since the twelfth grade. Now, I can see Cube spitting those lines about a day that happened while the two were just dating - but after she was already his fiancee and the mother of his child? I just don't think so. Certainly not about a day in January ‘91, when Kim was eight months pregnant! And highly unlikely for January ‘92 either, when their firstborn was one year old and they'd be married later that same year. And the final nail in January 20, 1992 coffin is…

We know that in ‘88 and ‘89, Cube still lived at home with his mom - the lack of cash-flow he saw from NWA, forcing him to stay at home, was part of what lead to him leaving the group. But Cube got into an argument with Priority Records five days after his first son's birth in Feb. ‘91 over his not getting paid an advance on his solo album - an advance with which he planned to get a house for himself, Kim, and their child. The argument lead to his smashing up the Priority offices with an aluminum baseball bat, which in return lead to his getting his advance. Thus, even if we assume a month or two before he actually cashed a check from the label, a couple months to get moving on a house hunt, a month or two of actual house-hunting, a month to close escrow, and a couple weeks to get settled in, we can also safely say that by Jan. 20, 1992, Ice Cube was no longer living with his mom, dropping Kim off somewhere after he'd fucked her.

Of course, one thing the new theory (like the Strain Hypothesis) can't account for is the Goodyear blimp: did it really say "Ice Cube's a Pimp"? I hate to say it, but we may have to face the idea that Ice Cube exaggerated his "good day" — or even, dare I say it, made it up completely. Perish the thought.