This actress thinks if she's kinky enough, her boyfriend won't be gay anymore. This former sitcom actress is writing a book outing her two lesbian costars and this singer has a girlfriend but one of her male bandmembers is her beard. Being in the closet is so much work.

1. "What soon to be A list movie actor's girlfriend who is also moving up the list quite nicely is convinced that she can keep him from wanting guys. She told a friend of hers the other day that as long as she stays kinky enough he will want her and not any of the guys he used to date. Hey, it worked for Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz for awhile." [CDaN]

2. "This C/D list actress, who had a big career on a sitcom in the '90s is writing a book about her experience in the television world. She is hoping to out not one, but two of her costars for engaging in a long and drawn out lesbian affair." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This 20-something, Grammy-winning pop star is hiding a secret lesbian life! The gifted musician has a girlfriend but tells everyone she's dating the hunky guitarist in her band!" [National Enquirer]

4. "Which pop star's fiance was spotted selling his soon-to-be wife's discarded designer jeans at the resale store Wasteland in Studio City, Calif.? The singer's beau tried to go unnoticed, but when someone in the store yelled out: "OMG! I know who you are!" he high-tailed it out of the shop and drove off in his white BMW!" [National Enquirer]

5. "Following a serious relapse last week, this award-winning performer was secretly admitted to a well-known rehab facility. When word of her condition got out, her team—apparently caring more about PR than her recovery—pulled her out of the first facility, issued a denial that she was in rehab, waited a couple of hours, then put her into another facility. And that was just the beginning of their PR games. They tried to knock the rehab story out of the headlines by planting a story about a breakup, but media outlets continued to carry the rehab story. They promised a staged photo op to prove that she was fine, but failed to deliver her because the rehab facility wouldn't let her leave in the middle of detox. They said that she was just hanging out at home, but when friends stopped by to see her, they were told that she had suddenly gone to visit a relative on the other side of the country. They tried to fake her participation in a live online interview, but fans cried foul when they noticed that dormant Twitter accounts were being used for the questions and that the answers sounded canned and phony.

Sadly, these PR lies are just a continuation of a year of lies about her living a healthy, sober life following her last rehab. In reality, she is an out-of-control party monster. And, we are sad to report, her problems are even worse this time around: alcohol, self-harming, and lots of drugs, including cocaine and heroin. There are lots of lies because there's lots of money and projects and products and endorsements and magazine covers at stake. If the fans aren't properly fooled into thinking she is a sweet, healthy girl, nobody gets paid! So they keep pretending that everything is fine (it's not), that she is healthy (she's not), and that they are so proud of her sobriety (Shut up, Mom). They need to keep her fans believing all of these lies order to keep the money rolling in. Although we do know her new location, we will not disclose it. We want her to stay in rehab. Yes, even though her fans want to believe that nothing is wrong, she is definitely back in rehab. And anything you hear to the contrary is a crock of shit." [Blind Gossip]

6. "Which two Latina actresses absolutely HATE each other? The stars have tried to avoid each other but are often auditioning for the same film roles – and the younger and more popular of the two seems to be getting all the parts!" [National Enquirer]

7. "What former sitcom and SNL star – he's part of a successful comedy dynasty – has just admitted his wannabe actress daughter to rehab? The comic gathered the whole clan together to say goodbye to his boozing little girl!" [National Enquirer]

8. "Which Bachelor contestant from this season went through horrible drug withdrawals for much of her filming on the show." [CDaN]

9. "Which leggy blonde actress is boozing again? The never-married former model raised eyebrows as she swigged champagne and partied with her new rapper boy toy at the Golden Globes after-parties." [National Enquirer]