I really hope someone at the L.A. City Attorney's Office appreciates the asinine logic here. TMZ reports that Demi Moore's 911 call — the one in which a friend said Demi had smoked something "like incense" — was edited to remove specific drug references. Because, you know, that totally makes a difference.

Sources tell us ... the Deputy City Attorney assigned to the case heard references to whip-its and felt it would be an invasion of privacy if that information was released to the public — so it was cut out of the tape, along with specific references to other drugs.

Yes, a definite invasion of privacy. You know what else was an invasion of privacy? Releasing the fucking tape in the first place. Now, I'm not sure if the intention was always to hand it over to TMZ, but why edit the call unless it was going to be shared? I also love that the Deputy City Attorney deemed it necessary to remove the mention of "whip-its" after TMZ had already revealed that Moore's seizure was caused by whip-its. Easiest fill-in-the-blank ever.

[Image via AP]