You'll have to wait until Valentine's Day to see This Means War, a romantic comedy in which Reese Witherspoon (along with the women and gay men in the audience) must choose between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. I haven't seen the movie, so I can't fairly judge it — but I will, a little. Especially after an interview in which director McG admitted to shooting multiple endings in order to prevent people from finding out which hottie Witherspoon's character ends up with.

British actor Tom Hardy and Star Trek hunk Chris Pine play secret agents and best friends who fight over the blonde beauty — but not even the trio knew the plot's outcome as they filmed different scenarios for director McG.

That's right, McG forced his actors to film alternate endings in order to preserve the unpredictability of what may be film's most predictable genre. Like I said, having not seen This Means War, I can't say for sure that this isn't one of those rare romcoms that actually keep you on your toes. But does anyone, lead actors included, actually care who gets the girl in the end?

Maybe I'm just annoyed by Pine joking, "We shot [an ending] where Tom and I could end up together. It's a very progressive film." Because, what, the idea of the two leading men realizing they're more in love with each other than with Reese Witherspoon is too out there? And sure, I'm biased because I would totally watch that movie, but there's something about Pine's use of the phrase "two red-blooded guys" that suggests some actual homoerotic tension.

It's like being in the schoolyard: a beautiful girl and two red-blooded guys. It was basically a constant flirt-off — who could charm Reese and make her laugh the most ... Tom won on the accent and lips front. I won on eyebrows and self-deprecation.

Yes, Chris, tell us more about Tom's lips.

Besides, when it comes to alternate endings, McG already has one major strike against him: back in 2009, he revealed a dark and awesome intended conclusion to Terminator Salvation — then went ahead and used the shitty one, anyway. So maybe there really is a This Means War ending in which Chris Pine and Tom Hardy embrace the love that dare not speak its name. We'll still end up watching Reese Witherspoon choose the nice guy over the bad boy. Count on it.

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