The Huffington Post is reporting that four more of Rupert Murdoch's employees have been arrested. The current and former reporters for The Sun are suspected of bribing the police — and yes, one of the officers in question is also in custody.

These are only the latest arrests related to Murdoch's tabloids' corrupt journalistic practices. In this case, however, the offenders were reported by News Corp.'s own Management and Standards Committee. That's not quite the same as the reporters turning themselves in, but this does represent a new level of cooperation between Murdoch's company and investigators. See, The Sun has integrity after all.

In an email to staff after the arrests, Tom Mockridge – chief executive of Murdoch's British operation, News International – said the internal investigation into wrongdoing at The Sun "is well advanced."

"News International is confronting past mistakes and is making fundamental changes about how we operate which are essential for our business," Mockridge said.

While News Corp.'s News of the World publication is gone for good, The Sun is sticking around for now. And the corporation is poised to launch a special Sunday edition of The Sun, presumably with a significant reduction in hacking and bribery.

[Image via AP]