Now that he's moved on to bigger and shinier things, Barack Obama has no need for his old mode of transportation. I'm actually pretty sure he ditched it a while back, but hey — now it can be yours. The eBay scourers over at BuzzFeed stumbled on an exciting opportunity to purchase Obama's 2005 Chrysler 300. For a paltry one million dollars, you can drive around in the same car then-Senator Obama may have used to travel between Washington D.C. and Chicago. That's right, no guarantees. At least the listing is honest?

You have until February 1, so scrounge up those funds fast. Just remember, Obama's old car doesn't come with any international clout, political ambition, or Secret Service detail. You're better off buying one of Ron Paul's old clunkers, which might at least have a few gold bars stashed away in the trunk.

[Image via AP]