Google Plus is that Facebook thing Google made. It hasn't turned out to be the runaway success they wanted it to be, so Google has resorted to the Nuclear Option of uncool night clubs everywhere: Celebrity whoring.

We just got a breathless email from a Google publicist alerting us that Brad Pitt has joined Google Plus:

Hey guys,

Rachel XXXX from Google here. Wanted to let you know that Brad Pitt just Google+. This is his first real presence in the social media sphere — he's not on Twitter or FB. Pretty exciting stuff.

Pretty exciting: Brad Pitt just became the only person on Earth who's on Google+ but not Twitter or Facebook. Alert the Guinness Book of World Records.

But that's not all:

This morning as of 10:30am PT, he was in approximately 3 people's circles. And as I'm writing this now (1:54pm PT), he's in 2,116

2,116 circles. What does this even mean? Pretty sure this is like 2,116 Twitter followers. Which wouldn't really be very many Twitter followers, but since Google Plus has, what, 3,000 users, that's not too bad.

So, now Brad Pitt is King of Google Plus. Here is his profile. All the Google Plus-ers will lasso Brad Pitt in their circles. They'll send him Google Plus Points, invite him to a VideoChill, or play a round of G-Chess with him—whatever those weirdos do all day on Google Plus, the Antarctica of social networks.

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