The 10th President of the United States, John Tyler, was born in 1790 and still has two living grandchildren. And one of them, 84-year-old Harrison Tyler — born 138 years after his grandfather — just got suckered into a Politico interview, in which he had much to say.

  • On television: "I can't stand watching television."
  • On the 2012 presidential candidates: "I don't really like any of them."
  • On Newt Gingrich: A "big jerk" who "needs to stick with the same wife, that's what my mother taught me."
  • On President Obama: "Well, I think he's a charming man, but he grew up in the society where he believes in running the show and changing the apple cart and taking it away from those that have."
  • On what he does most of the time when he's not occasionally reading about soul-destroying trivial political bullshit: "I'm 84 years old. I drive around, I bought a lot of additional land, beautiful land around the river. I just drive around watching all the deer and all the turkey."

Republicans would be fools not to go with a Tyler/Perry '12 presidential ticket.

[Portrait of John Tyler by George P.A. Healy, National Portrait Gallery]