"New York is less bookish than Cleveland?" the Daily News wonders incredulously about a study purporting to show the most literate cities in the U.S. One way of determining whether or not that's actually true might be to, say, see which city's hometown paper can spell "literate"?

Update: they've fixed the typo, reaffirming New York's position as the most literate city in the country. Alexander Nazaryan, the post's author, writes:

The reason that I made that mistake was because, while writing up my post, I was also reciting Wordworth's [sic] ‘Tintern Abbey' and translating Proust into Sanskrit.

Update 2: Alexander writes in again:

Damn, and I misspelled Wordsworth in my email to you.

This is getting very bad.

The truth is, I was watching YouTube videos of dachshund puppies, okay?

Cleveland, you won fair and square.