Every story published in the New York Times Style section that in any way purports to report on any trend occurring in the borough of Brooklyn is always complete bullshit. Hey, here's one: "In Brooklyn, Committing to a Man Bun."

Some men with long hair choose to wear their hair in a bun. Did you miss all of the important journalistic significance in that factoid? Us too. But not the world's greatest newspaper. You see, some of these man buns are being worn in Brooklyn.(The white part.)

ON a recent night at Hotel Delmano, a stylish speakeasy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the heavily tattooed head bartender, Sam Anderson, and his colleague, Michaelangelo Davis III, were shaking up cocktails with manly vigor.

And each had his hair done up in a bun.

But that's not all.

In certain arty neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick, some men are twisting their long hair into a form more famously worn by librarians, schoolmarms and Katharine Hepburn.

These are the first three sentences of the Times' story, because the important journalistic element of this important story is that it is occurring in certain arty neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick. Let's examine the voluminous supporting evidence for this Williamsburg man bun epidemic:

On the tennis court, players like Alexandr Dolgopolov and Xavier Malisse have been known to wear them... Chris Jones, a contestant this season on the "Top Chef" cooking show, uses elastic hair bands swiped from his wife to tie up his bun... Mr. Jones, who lives in Chicago, is fully aware that some people consider his floppy bun to be ridiculous... Sikh men have long tied their hair in a bun, covered by a turban. And centuries ago, the samurai wore a topknot.


In conclusion, all New York Times Style section Brooklyn trend stories are bullshit.

[NYT. Image of, I dunno, probably a bunch of dudes in Williamsburg: Getty]