Greg Kelly—43-year-old Good Day New York anchor, former Fox News contributor, and son of NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly—has been accused of raping a younger woman in New York. The woman told the New York Times that the rape occurred in her office at a Manhattan law firm, after the pair had been drinking. The younger Kelly "strenuously denies any wrongdoing." To avoid conflicts, the NYPD turned the investigation over to the Manhattan District Attorney. Good Day New York is the morning news show of New York Fox affiliate Fox 5.

Apparently the woman's "outraged" boyfriend subsequently confronted Ray Kelly "at a public event." (Anyone know which one?) According to lying NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, the boyfriend told Ray his son had "ruined my girlfriend's life," but didn't go into detail. Ray Kelly's response, according to the known liar who runs NYPD's PR: "write a letter." [NYTimes, GMA, AP]