The same Navy SEAL unit that killed Osama Bin Laden last May successfully rescued two people from Somali pirates yesterday. What did you do?

The captives, an American aid worker and her Danish colleague, had been held as prisoners since last fall. The New York Times reports that the pirates had recently refused $1.5 million to release their hostages, and that ransom negotiations had "ground to a halt." After receiving reports last week that the American's health was "deteriorating rapidly," President Obama directed his security team to develop an immediate rescue plan. Nine kidnappers were killed in the raid.

An official from the Danish Refugee Council was quoted today as saying that the 32-year-old woman was "not that ill," but was in need of medicine. And anyway, even if you're not super sick, isn't it nice not to be held captive by Somali pirates?

President Obama confirmed the woman's safety to her father via telephone minutes after delivering last night's State of the Union, in what was probably the best call from a celebrity that man will ever receive. The moment, captured by a photographer from the Associated Press, is pictured above.

[Image via AP]