Today we learned about a mother who is definitely not a narc. And we learned about a mother who could have probably used a narc. Crazy mama's abound, so it's no wonder that your mother is probably the reason behind your case of the sads.

A recent study conducted at Columbia University and Beth Israel Medical Center suggests that there is a link between mother Gaia and their depressive daughters:

Researchers studied 28 young women — 14 who suffered from mild to moderate depression and 14 who did not. The women's brains were scanned in an MRI machine as they were each shown four photos: a friend, a younger female stranger, an older woman they did not know and their mother.

Using the photos of the friend and the two strangers as a control group, the study measured the subject's brain activity as it responded to the image of the mother. And lo and behold:

In the women who were depressed, the photo of mother elicited a strong sadness response in the brain. The scans were able to predict depression in about 90 percent of the women.

This Mother's Day, send your mother a nice card. With the bill from your therapist tucked neatly inside.

[Image via Shutterstock]