It looks like 50 Cent has a lot riding on the Super Bowl. As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, he accepted a bet on Twitter that means that if the Giants lose the Super Bowl he will publish a picture of his penis on the internet.

The deal was made by a Twitterer named @MyBesetAssets. "Lets bet. If the Giants lose the Superbowl, u must post ur d*ck on the twitter. If they win, I'll post my boobs & face on here. Bet?" 50 quickly replied, "Ok." Miss Assets seems serious about the contest but do you think 50 will really follow through? A quick Google for naked pictures of him shows some nude shots that have been scrubbed from the web, do we really think he'll voluntarily send out his dick if the Giants lose?

I doubt it, but I'm going to join Fifty's 5.6 million plus Twitter followers right now, just in case. Between this and Madonna, there are now two reasons for me to watch the Super Bowl. Go Patriots!

[Image via Getty]