Photographed exiting a beauty salon in Santa Monica, Kim Kardashian inadvertently revealed that she not only receives Google Alert emails whenever "Kim Kardashian" appears on the internet, but she actually spends her free time reading her personalized "Kim Kardashian" news alerts. This is remarkable for three reasons:

  • 1. Kim Kardashian gets a lot of press. How can she possibly stand getting Google Alert emails every time anyone on the internet utters her name?
  • 2. Kim Kardashian is on the record feigning surprise at celebrities who get Google Alerts. In this xoJane interview, Kim ridicules sister Kourtney's Google Alert addiction:

Kourtney: I just got a Google alert, because Scott and I just had our date night.

Kim: You have your own Google alerts? We have that on record: Kourtney has her own Google alerts and checks them.

That's from the interview where Kourtney erroneously claimed that Scott Disick's dick is "like an elephant's trunk."

  • 3. Since she gets Google Alerts and appears to read them, there is actually a chance that any random post that anyone writes about Kim Kardashian could end up on the screen of her Blackberry at some point.

Technically I guess Kim might have a publicist who reads her Google Alerts and forwards the good ones. (Hence the "RE.") Nonetheless, I think I'll declare Kim Kardashian the "Bloody Mary" of the internet. Whereas whispering "Bloody Mary" three times into a mirror at midnight will summon the dead girl's spirit, typing "Kim Kardashian" often enough will eventually summon the reality star to read your blog. Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian. [Images via Pacific Coast News]