TMZ got their grubby little hands on some really amazing photos of slowly curdling tween sensation Miley Cyrus eating a penis cake. Oh, Miley, this actually makes me kind of love you.

This is a birthday cake for her boyfriend Liam "Loki" Helmsworth (whose hunky brother Chris starred in the movie Thor). Why would you buy your straight boyfriend a dick confection? Is there something about Liam that we should know about? Is Miley one of those beards that we read so much about in the blind items? Is this penis pierced or hairy or is that some kind of butthole in the taint area? Did anyone ever teach her that is not how you give a blow job?

That said, I have once posed with a penis cake of my own (thanks Nightclub 9:30) and made the same open mouth pose at the wrong end of the cock cake, so I guess it's natural. Also, Miley is now jacking my style. Back off, Hannah Montana.