Google announced today a major overhaul of its privacy policies, and everyone on the Internet shrugged and continued what they were doing.
Haha, just playin'—people are freaking out.

Effective March 1, the company will merge most of its over 70 separate privacy policies into one master policy.
"That's cool," you might think to yourself. "I hate clutter."
What this actually means for you is that any information you may have provided one Google service will now become integrated with all the other ones you use. And what that actually means for you is that Gmail may not know how often you search for videos of Death Drop Dance-Offs on Youtube yet, but it will soon. All the ads targeted to you on Google are about to get even more creepily specific.

Users cannot opt out of the privacy changes, so the Washington Post has posted a handy FAQ page to help the instantly outraged direct their anger toward specific infractions.

[Image via AP]