Joe the Plumber, whom our senior citizen readers might remember as the guy who asked presidential candidate Barack Obama a tax question on YouTube and briefly became a conservative celebrity, has this new fundraising ad out for his congressional run in Ohio. By "fundraising ad," however, we mean "Facebook photo," and in this photo he appears to be doing plumbing work, something he hasn't had much time for in recent years between all the conservative conference guest gigs and wet t-shirt contest refereeing at radon-filled clubs.

"Sometimes when you're plumbing," he writes in the caption, "you have to look below the surface to find the answer to a problem." Oh fuck... an extended metaphor? "I think government is the same way." An extended metaphor! "Let's send somebody to DC who knows how get his hands dirty and deliver results. It's going to take a plumber to flush the corruption out of Washington. Please donate today to help me get my message out!"

I've already maxed out to his campaign. You can donate by following this link, which Joe the Plumber added in the Facebook comments.