In a prediction ripped right from Nostradamus' playbook, China's state news agency Xinhua has foretold of an influx of so-called "dragon babies" in the coming year, reports TIME.

The reason? The Lunar New Year, which began today, January 23, has ushered in the Year of the Dragon.

Considered the most fortunate of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is associated with power, wealth, and intelligence. As such, "dragon years" typically see marked increases in birthrate. The last one, 2000, saw a more than 5% rise in births in Hong Kong. Ambitious parents are expected to ensure the cycle repeats in 2012.

While the Chinese government famously enforces a one-child-per-family policy to facilitate population control, the trend spells good luck for neighboring countries like Taiwan, many of which suffer from low birthrates.

So, if you were worried about a pack of grotesque winged beasts storming the planet and stirring up mayhem, chill out. These babies will be your run-of-the-mill adorable little butterballs. Just slightly luckier, harder, better, faster, and stronger than their friends born in other years.

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