Anna Beninati, who lost her legs after trying to hop a freight train in Colorado, describes some of her memories of that fateful jump in gruesome detail .

From The Times Call article:

"I remember looking down at my leg dragging on the ground and I saw how fast the wheels were turning and how fast the rails were going by and it almost occurred to me, and I was like, 'Oh my god, I am gonna get..." she said, stopping up short. She swooped her had in front of her body to represent being pulled under the train. "And then it happened."

She watched her legs as they were severed from her body, one above the knee, one below.

"I remember sitting there looking at my legs. I must have been under the train no more than four, six seconds," she said. "I just remember sitting there looking, thinking, 'A: What do I do now? B: What did I just do to myself? Because I cannot go back from this decision.'"