The New York Times breaks the alarming story of how a hacker was able to easily gain access to numerous boardroom videoconference systems throughout the country. Alarming, because this hacker got into Goldman Sachs' boardroom but didn't even spy on the bastards once.

There's a bunch of techno blah blah about how Mike Tuchen scanned the internet and found 5,000 unprotected videoconference systems which allowed him to spy and listen into board rooms.

But all you need to know is this:

[Goldman Sachs'] boardroom did not show up in Mr. Moore's initial scan but an entry labeled "Goldman Sachs Board Room" popped up in the directory of a law firm that Goldman Sachs videoconferences with. Mr. Moore did not disclose the name of the law firm and said that because he was afraid of "crossing a line," he did not dial into Goldman Sachs.

COME. ON. Come oooooonnnnnnnnnnn.