Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is an incredulous old coot who likes to tweet unreadable shorthand nonsense, constantly, and then lash out at those who would make fun of him. Whenever the federal government gets around to killing off the dumb Internet once and for all, they should leave Grassley's Twitter page up as a memorial to fun times lost. Here's a useful perspective for considering how unorthodox Grassley's feed is: When hackers broke into it today, their tweets were instantly more professional than the graffiti that one of our most senior Senators usually vomits out from his phone.

Notice the abrupt change in language at the time of the hack. We instantly jump from the spammy proto-babble dialect of teenage spambots to something more in line with the traditions of the English language. In this case, the hackers used their basic writing skills to protest Grassley's strong support of PIPA, the slightly less evil younger sister of the Stop Online Piracy Act.

There was plenty of time for back-and-forth mockery with the broader Twitter community, too, until the hacker ultimately threw the password into the public, allowing the first person who logged in afterwards to reset it. Grassley's office got lucky — the resetter turned out to be a friendly liberal who, despite her political orientation, quickly returned control to Grassley's office.