Anonymous really loved Megaupload. Still reeling over the loss of the best place to download the entire TLC discography on the web, members of the hacktivist collective have apparently launched an effort to build a replacement for the file-sharing service killed by the feds last week: Anonyupload.

According to the site, Anonyupload is setting up servers and should be online by Wednesday. "For your safety, our infrastructure will be out of the U.S jurisdiction ( Russia )." Ha, ha, yeah, because Russian servers are always super-safe.

Who knows if this is legit; it's been met with some skepticism among Anonymous members on Twitter. Anonymous has said in the past they're launching an Anonymous-themed Facebook alternative, Anon+, which has yet to pan out. So far, they're much better troublemakers than software developers. We'll believe in Anonyupload when Swizz Beatz comes on board.

[via Mikko Hypponen]