By the time Napoleon Elvord found last week's winning Megabucks ticket, he had been a millionaire for three days.

It wasn't until being urged by the manager of the Madison, Wisconsin Mobil station where he gets coffee "several times a day" that Elvord, a veteran currently waiting for a new kidney, even began his search. "I [thought] it was a mistake because I was trying to play the Powerball," he told the Wisconsin State Journal after finding the ticket on a table inside his home.

Elvord, who has been on dialysis for five years, chose the lump sum option, which gives him $6.87 million after taxes. He plans to spend the money on health insurance and to finance his move back to Texas.

It took me days to find a nearly completed punchcard for a local coffee shop, so I can definitely relate to the elation Elvord felt after his discovery. The only thing better than free coffee may, in fact, be health insurance.

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