Hating Lana Del Rey is now the internet's favorite past time. It culminated today when LDR burn book Hipster Runoff accused the plumped-lipped singer of stealing her song "Video Games" from some old Greek ditty whose name we can't even spell. He cites his source as unnamed "indie music message boards" which I thank Jesus every morning I have no idea how to find.

What do you think? I only really hear it in the first line of the Greek lady's vocals, but that's about it. Gaga goes through this same thing every time she releases a single too. Since just saying, "She sucks," carries no definitive proof, finding a previously released work with even the simplest similarity and shouting, "You're a rip off," is now the preferred way to discredit people. Guess what, everyone rips off everyone else, intentionally or otherwise. The internet just makes it easier to figure out who is ripping off from whom (if there is, in fact ripping happening).

The Lana song is here for verification purposes. What do you think? Is Lana a thief or just unoriginal.