According to some dodgy sources, Camille Grammer, the only person to ever improve her image by doing a second season of a reality show, doesn't want to return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season three. What a shame.

Camille was the bitchy, self-deluded villain of season one, but after a divorce from Kelsey Grammer between seasons, she shaped herself into a well-spoken, well-dressed, well-mannered saint of fabulousness. Way go to Camille. A "Bravo insider" told RadarOnline that Camille doesn't want to come back and that the network is asking the other cast members to introduce their rich friends instead.

The source also reveals that Camille's delightfully skanky sidekick Brandi Glanville might play a bigger part next year (we hope!) and that Kim Richards wants to leave but can't because she needs the money (duh!) so she'll be back. But still, it would be nothing without our St. Camille. She played this same game between seasons one and two so maybe this is just so that we'll talk about how much we like her this time around.

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