Popular iPhone bathhouse app Grindr, which allows gay men to find each other for encounters based on location, was hacked by an Australian hacker. Apparently the app has little to no security. Your dick pictures are not safe!

The hacker found security loopholes in the app and it allowed him to log in as another user, access that person's pictures, change that person's profile picture, and send other users messages masquerading as that person. Apparently you can log on as someone else, see all the dirty pictures he's been sent and even the list of guys he has "favorited" (which we all know are the guys he's currently fucking or in negotiations to fuck in the near future). Wow, that is just dastardly.

The Australian hacker was apparently posting users' info on a website, but the site has since been taken down. Who wouldn't want to log into some hot guy's Grindr and just look at all the grade-A spread ass cheek shots he's been sent over the years?

Apparently, according to an internet security expert, Grindr (and its silly straight cousin Blendr) has no real security at all. Joel Simkhai, the owner and founder of Grindr (who, like Sy Sperling, is also a user) knows about the security problems and is rushing a "patch" to the app and will have an update in the next few days that will protect user's information. Until then it looks like horny gays will have to go back to Manhunt. God, what is this? 2008?