You know I love a good time lapse movie and I love to ride bicycles, so this video is really freaking cool. The branding folks at Red Peak chained a bicycle to a New York sidewalk and took pictures of it every day for a year. Watch as it slowly is pillaged by thieves.

The funny thing is that the bike stays in the same spot unmolested for about 230 days. No one even took the basket, which wasn't locked up. But as soon as the basket went, the rest of the bike quickly followed. After standing strong for 230 days, in 40 days it was completely removed from its spot. It's sort like the Broken Windows Theory. If a bike looks like its owner will be back any minute, everyone leaves it alone. As soon as it looks abandoned, the thieves come for it very quickly.

What did we learn? Keep your bike looking nice, and don't worry so much about your damn basket.