In a new Rolling Stone interview, pale nerd king Julian Assange claims "hundreds" of women have ambushed him and tried to marry him while he's been under house arrest in England. We would love to hear from all of these suitors.

Here's the relevant part of the interview:

There were stalkers at your previous location. That must have frightened you.
Yes, despite the remoteness of the location – being three hours out of London by fast train, plus another 40 minutes in a car through country roads, and then through a long private driveway into the country house. We had many people try to turn up at the front door or to ambush me at the police station. It coincided with many U.S. politicians, such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, calling for my assassination or kidnapping. Fortunately, nearly everyone who attempted to ambush me was supportive in one way or another. They were mostly women who thought they were my fiancee.

Women wanting to marry you? How many over the past year?


We have a lot of questions for these hundreds of women. (And some men, apparently.) Was RyanAir offering a special $1 fare to fly to London to propose to Julian Assange? Is there a secret Facebook group, where all the potential wives arranged rideshares or something? How do they feel about the fact Julian's under house arrest for dodging rape and sexual assault accusations by two Swedish women?

If you or someone you know has tracked down Julian Assange with the intention of marrying him, please email me:

[via The Atlantic Wire, Image via Getty]