Hopefully, people. Hopefully.

Backlash over Mark Wahlberg's insensitive remarks fueled the Internet today, and it wasn't long before he issued an apology. Shane Smith, co-founder of Vice and host of some of the more daring documentaries on web channel VBS, didn't take too kindly to his words either. Smith took to Twitter to challenge Wahlberg to a fight, stating that if Wahlberg wins he would concede that Wahlberg could have stopped 9/11, but if he (Smith) wins Wahlberg has to stop "acting." (quotations his)

Poor Mark Wahlberg. He just wants to be left alone to live with his family or in his cabin peacefully getting by while putting his murky past behind him. But the US government or shady smuggling syndicates just can't leave him be, and pretty soon he's jumping a lot, shooting things and spitting out witty remarks.

This is a win/win for everyone involved, especially the audience. But who will come out on top? Maureen did a good job detailing Wahlberg's roughneck past. Dorchester upbringing, arrests, robberies...Wahlberg certainly has a violent background. And he's stated that he trained for years for his role in The Fighter.

Then again, Smith does appear to have a big size advantage over the 5'8 Wahlberg, though Smith hardly seems in fighting shape. He's made a habit of venturing off into conflict zones in the past decade, and lists boxing as one of his hobbies on his twitter. He also claims to have been in a particularly violent street gang in his youth during this self-fellating Vice interview.

Hopefully he does a better job standing up for himself versus Wahlberg than he did versus David Carr in the documentary Page One. Gavin McInnes, another Vice co-founder, did not fare so well when he challenged a member of the East Bay Rats motorcycle gang to a fight.

I think you have to go with Wahlberg on this one. Now we just need to make it happen. Can't Vice grab a sponsorship from Intel or Converse? Rent out a warehouse in Bushwick? We'll donate the proceeds to charity. Make it so, Internet.

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