The Grammy Awards hasn't had a host in seven years, so it only makes sense that when they decided to choose a host this year they get someone who was last relevant in the music industry seven years ago. LL Cool J, star of seminal UPN comedy In the House has been chosen to host. The last host was Queen Latifah, so I guess the trend is once great rappers who now do crappy TV shows and movies? LL is expected to stand on stage for four hours repeatedly licking his lips and occasionally lifting his shirt to show off his abs. Why not just let Billy Crystal host every award ceremony ever, including the AVN?

The Grammy Awards has a poor record when it comes to rap so this shouldn't come as a surprise. Or maybe I'm just bitter because I still think Canibus won and I called in Hot 97 all three nights and he still lost and I'm pretty sure the voting system was rigged.

I'm not sure what the logic is for choosing someone who hasn't made a decent track in the better part of a decade, but If the Grammys really wanted to boost their ratings, they should ask Kanye to host. Any other suggestions?

RIP ODB, the only guy to ever make the Grammys exciting.
Still the greatest award show speech in the history of award shows.

[pic via AP]