Public relations is a field whose cravenness is superseded only by the ineptitude of many of its practitioners. We will do our part to mock, expose, and belittle deserving PR people in our weekly PR Dummies column. This is our second installment.

The following press release was submitted to us by multiple innocent and bewildered journalists, who received it through no fault of their own. (The photo above was attached to the press release.)

From: Danielle xxxx
Date: Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 5:12 PM
Subject: New: Petches! How Betchy is your pet?

Hi N____,

Happy Almost Weekend!

Introducing a new column from PETCHES

The Betches want to see betchy little dogs, cats, fish, chimps, Giggy, possoms, whatevski, dressed in the betchiest way possible.

Whether you teach your dachsund to channel his inner celebrity and refuse to feed him until he looks like Kate Moss, or you go for the generic petch with plain little puppy Loubs, they can't wait to see what your readers can come up with.

Photo submissions of betchy pets with their name, where they're from, who their owners are, and why their pet is the ultimate betch should be sent with the subject "PETCHES". May the best petch win!

For additional info, including an interview with the Betches, please feel free to contact me.



Don't know what a betch is? A betch is a bitch but she's not just mean for any reason, she's edgy. She's quick and she owns whatever situation she's in. A betch is complex. Being a betch is a commitment. It's not only who you are, it's a lifestyle. Since it's hard to define exactly who we are, we'll try to explain our kind by writing about the unique aspects of The Betch Life. @betchesluvthis

Congratulations, Betches. The competition was very, very stiff.

[Thank you to all PR victims who submitted entries last week. Please forward your horrible PR emails here for next week's installment]