Congressional Republicans forced the Obama administration to expedite its decision on constructing the Keystone XL pipeline late last year, and today they're getting their answer: No Keystone XL pipeline. Our president has abandoned the oppressed Canadian tar sands, who only ever wanted a one-way ticket to Texas and the chance for a freer, more refined life.

We do have a minor caveat, however: "While the administration is expected to reject TransCanada Corp.'s permit application, it will allow the company to re-apply." This quite possibly opens the door to cynical interpretations of the Obama administration's announcement today, but the Gawker Political Desk does not engage in cynicism.

Assuming this isn't just another political trick to ensure that he doesn't have to piss off liberals until after the election, though, and the pipeline really does get killed, would this build any momentum for environmentalists who've lost a full 100% of their momentum around the world over the last few years? You cynics can chew that over, in the comments.

[Image via AP]