Carlos Castaneda. Timothy Leary. Daniel Pinchbeck…mopey Ted Mosby? Josh Radnor, he of How I Met Your Mother and that movie no one saw that kind of looked like Garden State, looks to join the literary titans of tripping with a memoir slated for an April release. One Big Blissful Thing details his journey from a suburban Ohio upbringing to ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon. Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic plant that many Amazon tribes use for ritualistic practices. Maybe all that drug use is why he keeps rambling on and digressing with how he actually met his wife?

From the Amazon page:

The story of one man's unlikely spiritual awakening-this is Eat, Pray, Love for those who would rather be reading McSweeney's .

Josh Radnor grew up in Ohio. He was driven to school in a big yellow bus. He watched The Cosby Show and John Hughes movies. He also went on to become a successful actor in Hollywood. How then, in 2007, did he end up drinking an indigenous plant medicine called ayahuasca with a shaman in Brazil?

Being famous means all the drivel you write while tripping balls you think would make a great book CAN actually be made into a book.

Eat/Pray/Love for those who would rather be reading McSweeney's? Seems like a murder/death/kill for those who would rather be reading anything else. Then again, maybe it could be good? Hallucinogens can lead to some pretty stunning revelations, but they also can lead to a lifetime ban from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam because some square Dutch security guard doesn't sympathize with your absolute need to feel all the paintings.

No word yet on whether the book will feature some zany Neil Patrick Harris hijinks or whether Bob Saget will be narrating the audiobook, but here's hoping.

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