Energized by The New Republic's new excerpts from the racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic conspiracy newsletter published (though not specifically authored) by Ron Paul in the early 1990s? Disappointed that they're no longer being published? Unable to hire Lew Rockwell to write most of it for you? Fret not, alternate Vince Foster death theory enthusiasts: just use the Gawker-brand Ron Paul Magnetic Newsletter Kit to make your own.

Non-binding suggestions for sovereign use by private citizens:

  • 1. Print out the image. (Click here for full-sized version.)
  • 2. Cut out the words in a manner of your choosing.
  • 3. Affix to magnets, I guess? Probably Jo-Ann Fabrics has some. This is getting kind of overinvolved.
  • 4. Put on your fridge.
  • 5. Call your local congressional office and insist on investigations into Hillary Clinton.

(You may have to add in some articles and prepositions. Feel free to find more and better words and phrases in the Ron Paul Survival reports published at TNR or at Mr. Destructo. As always, share the best in the comments.)

[selections from newsletters via The New Republic, image via AP]