This guy is a hit with the Academy but his neighbors hate his noisy helicopter. This actress was getting busy after the Golden Globes, another actress is causing trouble with three families, this TV hostess is in love with a gay politico, and this actor cheats on his wife with hookers. At least he's quiet about it.

1. "What two-time Oscar winner has completely alienated his Santa Barbara neighbors because he likes to take off and land his noisy helicopter in a field on his property? The still-handsome 60-something star thinks he's untouchable and refuses to park his chopper at a nearby airport!" [National Enquirer]

2. "This not-so-funny funny lady spent the night at the HBO afterparty for the Golden Globes making out in the corner with a rather sexy male model. There's nothing nerdy about that." [Gawker]

3. "Which pretty twenty-something star is currently wreaking havoc among three famous show biz families? She is fake dating a guy in the first family. At the same time, she is real dating a guy in the second family. And that guy is supposedly involved/co-parenting with a girl from the third family. Despite all the chaos, though, we see the good in the situation. It's good for the Girl. It's good for the Guy. And it will all probably be reported as some sort of musical chairs love triangle, with lots of drama and publicity for the Girl and the Guy and their project/s… and lots of sympathy and support for those they hurt. So, good for everybody!" [Blind Gossip]

4. "What rising TV talk-show co-host – who has finally landed her own gig on a major network – is down in the dumps because she's fallen for a high-profile politico who bats for the other team? Her career may be on the upswing, but her love life is still in the dugout!" [National Enquirer]

5. "This foreign born A list television star from a very hit network show has always come across as Mr. loving husband despite being separated by distance. Perhaps he should spend a little more time focusing on the Mrs and not the hookers he goes through by the dozens or hitting on fellow cast members." [CDaN]

6. "Which famous yo-yo dieter plumped up to become the spokesperson for a popular weight-loss program? The singer/actress was in dire need of a quick career boost – and the high-profile campaign was the best way to get back in the limelight to create some buzz for her planned career comeback!" [National Enquirer]

7. "This C list actress who was once in a pornographic film was overheard at a bar the other night telling friends that she believes that women are just ‘playthings for men' and their ‘whole purpose on Earth' is to be visually attractive to men. Blech!" [BuzzFoto]

8. "This hunky A-lister's mom was the REAL reason he dumped his multitalented but larger-than-life former girlfriend. The studly mama's boy, who recently started dating a well-respected actress, received a thumbs-up on his new gal from mommy dearest. Who is he?" [National Enquirer]

9. "What handsome movie star is hiding a hideous habit that's turning his pearly whites a dull yellow? The 30-something's dentist has warned him to lay off the chewing tobacco or his sexy cover boy image will be ruined!" [National Enquirer]