It's a tearful day in the world of cosmopolitan magazines and television studios, as the infamously sane Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has dropped out of the race, due to a near-total void of interest in his campaign among Republican primary voters. How did this relatively competent-seeming person lose his support so dramatically? Well, he didn't; he never had any support. So let's remember his anemic campaign with a gallery of some funny photos and ludicrous screen shots.

[Image via AP]

Only a year ago, Huntsman was still happily serving as President Obama's ambassador to China, where his main duty was to show up at fledgling revolutions and meander aimlessly like an awkward dad, terrifying radical Chinese Internet nerds.

Huntsman returned from China and released a series of campaign teaser ads in which he rode around on a dirt bike, like a teenager. What was this guy's angle?

After launching his campaign, an embarrassing handwritten note from Huntsman to President Obama, penned in 2009, leaked. It proved that Huntsman had respect and admiration for the President of the United States, an ideological sin from which he would never recover.

The Huntsman campaign quickly realized that competing in Iowa would not be the wisest allocation of resources.

Huntsman, despite being a very conservative business Republican, antagonized the Republican base even further by believing in Science.

He then he cooperated for a profile in Vogue, of all places. A sciencey tweet and a Vogue profile on the same day, you guys: this one day ended his 2012 presidential hopes.

Huntsman's three adult daughters got more attention than the Huntsman campaign had all year when they released this wacky YouTube. Their Twitter feed became a destination for those who enjoy watching sisters laugh at their own jokes.

Huntsman was a relentless campaigner despite his lack of upward movement in political polls. Here he was in New York City, destroying a couch.

Some pranksters in New Hampshire made a despicable, racist video labeling Jon Huntsman a secret Chinese sleeper agent and attacking his young adopted daughters from Asia. It was pretty funny.

Huntsman wanted at least a "strong second place" finish in the New Hampshire primary after holding hundreds of public events in the state. He finished third, however — 22 percentage points behind Mitt Romney and six behind flappy paleolibertarian crank Ron Paul. Fortunately, he was sitting next to a big tub of booze as the returns came in.

Then he went to South Carolina and campaigned for a few days but no one cared and so he dropped out today. Maybe this is all a set-up for a 2016 run, or a top cabinet position in the Romney administration? I think we would all appreci... [falls asleep]