The cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized over the weekend, just off the coast of the Italian island of Giglio, killing at least six and terrifying the ship's 4,200 passengers. (All but 15 have been accounted for.) It sounds unbelievably horrifying. But also sort of funny.

Like the captain, Francesco Schettino, who reprehensibly, but also hilariously, escaped in a lifeboat before any of the passengers. (He was, to add to the picture, "covered by a blanket.") Even worse (better), he was seen that evening "drinking in the bar with a beautiful woman on his arm," and apparently brought the ship miles off course (and close to the rocky coast of Giglio) in order "to greet [a] friend on shore." ("There shouldn't have been such a rock," he told local TV.)

Or the evacuation, which sounds like terrifyingly chaotic... slapstick? No one knew what to do, apparently, and there's basically nothing more frightening, or uproarious than life-threatening incompetence. Benji Smith, a passenger who made his own rope ladder, told CNN that "It was the Marx brothers, watching these guys trying to figure out how to work the boat." Yes: the Marx brothers. And there was the poor magician's assistant, who was stuck inside a trick box when the ship started to sink. Petrifying! And funny!

And to top it all off, there's even a little bit of light-hearted good news: the Korean honeymooners who were found by divers, still alive, almost 24 hours after the ship capsized. Isn't that cute and romantic, and also, unbelievably hellish and harrowing? Someone should make a movie.