Oh my gosh, what is Ricky Gervais going to do? Which celebrities are going to get drunk? Which awful actors will the Hollywood Foreign Press Association award tonight? Yes, it's Golden Globes nights. Please join us in witnessing all these atrocities and making mean jokes about them.

The arrivals start at 7pm on NBC (or E!, whichever you prefer) and the show starts at 8pm. Tune in and leave your bitchy comments, effusive praise, and wry commentary in the comments below. I'm sure you guys will be great at it. And if you have Twitter open at the same time, be sure to follow Justin Vivian Bond who will be taking over the Gawker Twitter account starting at 8pm.

There's one thing we can say about the Globes is it's never dull, and you guys make it even more exciting.

[Image via AP]