How excited were you to see that story about Rick Perry calling on a mannequin during a Q&A session at South Carolina's Squat N' Gobble restaurant today? What a moron, that Rick Perry. That's precisely what you thought.

But according to a waitress at the restaurant, he was just joking. "He just did it as a joke, yeah," she tells Daily Intel. "We all thought it was funny." Okay then: Rick Perry is not so much stupid as he is funny.

Then again, maybe this waitress' account deserves a PANTS ON FIRE? Another eyewitness had a different take:

I think he [thought] it was a person out of the corner of his eye. He turned to it, having just opened the q and a period, since it had its hand straight up in the air, and no one else did, immediately realizing it was a mannequin, and made fun of himself by saying "I thought this lady had her hand up over here," gesturing to the mannequin, To be fair, I [thought] it was a person too at first.

In either case, Rick Perry did not do anything especially stupid vis-à-vis a mannequin today. Damn.