Apple fanboys in the U.S. have nothing on their Chinese counterparts. The launch of the iPhone 4s in China caused an actual riot in Beijing, with the gadget-hungry crowd flinging eggs at Apple's sparkling flagship store.

From the AP:

Customers including migrant workers hired by scalpers in teams of 20 to 30 to buy iPhones for resale at a markup to Chinese gadget fans waited overnight in freezing weather at the Apple store in Beijing's east side Sanlitun district.

The crowd erupted after the store failed to open on schedule at 7 a.m. Some threw eggs and shouted at employees through the windows.

The store didn't open, to protect employees' and customers' safety. To all the rich white dudes who whine about the asians "scarfing up" all the iPhones here in the states: It could be much, much worse.

[image via AP]