Bloomberg LP is an incredibly successful media company. It is famous for tight security, tyrannical, controlling editors, plush offices which act like a luxurious cage to ensure that employees never leave the building. It's a place built to engender paranoia. That's probably why employees feel the need to write their tips to us on company stationery, and mail them to us.

What have we here? It is a tip consisting of various rants about Bloomberg, on Bloomberg stationery. You can click to enlarge each page. Any Bloomberg staffers who'd like to comment on its contents, simply post in the comments, or email me.

Bloomberg's opulent midtown headquarters are famous for being an entire self-contained world, containing everything to meet all employee needs. In order to keep all employees from ever leaving the building for any reason. This letter touches on various gripes about what the company is allegedly doing to trap workers inside.

"Winkler" here refers to ranting, bow-tied Bloomberg editorial overseer Matthew Winkler. We heard about Winkler's newfound scrutiny of Bloomberg TV last year, as well.

Andy Lack is CEO of Bloomberg's Multimedia group. Andrew Morse was hired as the head of US television last June.

[Photo: Bernhard Suter/ Flickr. Image by Jim Cooke]