A new study by a Mexican research group ranks the 50 most dangerous cities in the whole wide world (based on homicide rates), and guess what, Latin America seems to be a region which is unsafe, if you define unsafe as "I do not want to be murdered." Key findings:

  • Five of the ten most dangerous cities in the world are in Mexico.
  • Forty of the 50 most violent cities are in Latin America.
  • But don't worry, Amurrricans—the most homicide-plagued city in the world outside of Latin America is New Orleans, which comes in at number 21 on the list.
  • The most dangerous city outside of the Americas or the Caribbean is Cape Town, South Africa. Which is less murderous than Detroit.

Team Americas!

(Note: other rankings based on mortality rates rather than homicide rates have had far more international results.)

[Full list from Seguridad, Justicia y Paz (translated). Photo: AP]