This QB has been shacking up with a Twilight star even though his wife is pregnant. This recently-divorced star is keeping her new boyfriend secret, and this celeb is helping a dancer with body image issues. That's downright noble.

1. "This NFL quarterback is cheating on his pregnant wife with this Twilight actress he met at a charity event over the holidays." [CDaN]

2. "When couples break up, there is sometimes a temptation to hurt each other, by getting the upper hand in the divorce settlement or the custody battle, or by publicly racing back into the dating pool with a younger and better-looking partner. With this celebrity couple, though, there is too much respect for each other to pull any high-profile or nasty moves. Despite their breakup, they are still genuinely close friends, and they do a great job with co-parenting and being genuinely supportive of each other. He's been dating, but has been fairly quiet about it. And she has a boyfriend now. It's not one of her costars. Not a PR set up. A real, steady boyfriend. They've been dating since the middle of last year. He's good-looking and athletic and treats her well. You probably haven't seen photos of the two of them together, however, as they are extremely clever and careful about how to avoid the paparazzi. She's already introduced him to her friends but probably won't bring him out in public for at least a few more weeks. Unlike her close friend, she's just not interested in having her marriage, breakup, and new boyfriend splashed across the cover of the tabloids. For a Hollywood star, that's rather classy." [Blind Gossip]

3. "When this actress was preparing for a role for a movie that has already come out, she had to do a lot of hours of dance practice. While doing so, she met a dancer who was struggling so much with body image issues she had to be hospitalized. The two developed a friendship and to this day, the actress still calls her and checks up on her treatment." [BuzzFoto]